Am so excited that am going to meet my mentor Cynthia who is going to help me work on my project all through, i have a number of questions that am going to ask her concerning my project. I hope this will work out well and I will be able to post all about it!! 

Here are some of the questions am going to ask her.

1. What she thinks about gender stereotype in Canada.

2. How did other countries like Canada fight to end some of the gender stereotypes that existed? 

3. Is their any culture on Canada that is affecting gender stereotypes?

4.What kinds of gender stereotypes do Canada have? And how is the people or government fighting against it?



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These are really good questions to be asking and things that we should be thinking about in our daily lives. It is important for us as people to recognize when we are wrongfully gender stereotyping if we wish to grow as a society and move past problems like this. I look forwards to hearing what her answers are good luck!