Kaylie Maughan (Mentor)

Hello Butterfly Effect!  I am a newly minted Mentor on the site, and excited to be here. I have Bachelors degrees in Criminology and Counselling Psychology from Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby, Canada, and a broad range of training certifications in mediation, Restorative Justice, Trauma recovery, and Mental Health and Addictions.


I am currently a Restorative Justice Mediator, Restorative circle process facilitator, and Restorative School Program Coordinator for the Langley community and school District and within the greater British Columbia Area. I also Coordinate a non-profit Restorative Justice group that works within the Federal prison system and the greater Fraser Valley community, called the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), which is now active in over 70 countries worldwide.

In all these positions, I work with those who have been harmed and have caused harm through conflict and trauma, in the hopes of finding a new way forward that looks toward healing harm, and providing for the needs of all affected, in a way that creates stronger relationships and builds supportive connections in the community.


My area of interest is of course all things Restorative Justice, but as a counselor previously employed in the Forensic Psychiatric system, I also am very interested in Mental Health, addiction, and all aspects of Psychology and how it intersects race, power, law and culture.

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Welcome to Butterfly Effect, and thanks for joining! 

I'm a new member as well. I'm very interested in psychology, criminology, as well as law. I'm currently researching about law enforcement as well as other aspects of the enforcement part. If possible I'd like to use your expertise to learn more and maybe we can start a chat!