Ivory Is For Elephants: Project Plan

i) Name of teacher: Silvia Knittel

   Name of mentor: Samuel Mutisya


ii) Summary of idea posted: 


  • Research

This summer, I plan to start off by posting snippets of the recorded interview I conducted for my research while in Kenya. Other research I gathered included talking to locals about their thoughts and watching elephants interact in their natural habitats. I also visited an elephant orphanage in Nairobi National Park, and recorded one of the rangers speaking of the reasons why the elephants were there.


  • Video

While sharing this information with you in future posts, I plan to produce a video constructed of the footage I gathered while in Kenya of interviews and wild elephants, and of the footage I gathered last semester with Alison Stuart of the elephant foot. I hope to finish this video by the end of this month. Once this is done, I will be working on getting social media attention for the video and to research ways in which to make it viral.


iii) List of Potential Research Sources:


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  • Nderito, W. (2015, July 9). [Personal interview].
  • Mungai, I. (2015, July). [Skype interview].
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