Instructions for Posting Work

To post your work on the Butterfly Effect site, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click the green ‘Post’ button on the home page.

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  1. Choose ‘Post Work’, in the drop down menu.

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  1. On the next page, click ‘Select Forum’.

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  1. From the menu, choose the appropriate forum for your work. When you are posting your Project Plan or your Ongoing Research, choose your name.

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  1. Give your post a title that describes your project.  Fill in the ‘Body’ section with the work you are posting. Please follow this template for the posts:

      I. Inquiry question (Select ‘Inquiry Question’ forum) –

         i. State the inquiry question you intend to investigate for the cycle.

         ii. Give an explanation for why this questions interests you.

      II. Project Plan (Select ‘Your Name’ forum) –

          i. State your inquiry question.

          ii. Give the steps that you intend to follow to undertake your project.

          iii. List 5-10 sources you will use to help you research your topic.

      III. Ongoing Research (Select ‘Your Name’ forum) –

          i. State your inquiry question.

          ii. Give the current week’s research including information, references, consideration of bias and an explanation of challenges.

          iii. Give a brief description of the research you are going to do next.

       IV. Metamorphosis (Select ‘Metamorphosis’ forum) –

          i. State your inquiry question

          ii. Explain how this project has changed the way you think.

          iii. Explain how this project will change future decisions you might make.

          iv. Describe the broader impact this research might have locally or globally.

         V. The Burn (Select ‘The Burn’ forum) –

          i. Give the quote from the student’s work that was meaningful to you.

          ii. Give the student’s name. Explain why this quote had an impact on you.

          VI. Broaden Your Thinking (Select ‘Broaden Your Thinking’ forum) -

          i. State the two ideas that you are linking.

          ii. Give the student’s names.

          iii. Give a statement or question that pulls together two different ideas.

          iv. Explain why it is interesting to pull these ideas together.

          VII. Celebration of Learning (Select ‘Celebration of Learning’ forum – after this has been presented to an audience)

          i. State your inquiry question. Include the presentation that you gave to your audience.


    6. If you have any pictures for your post, add them as attachments.

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  1. Choose tags for your post. These allow readers who use the search feature of the site to easily find your post.

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  1. Review your post and then click the ‘Publish’ button.



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