Gender Inequality

My  INQUIRY QUESTION is:How can Gender Equality be established by both society and the government?

Currently,according to my little knowledge i have come to know that many countries are experiencing gender inequality.This has contributed to the issue of many organizations fighting to establish gender equality where most cases are of women.Countries like America have laid forth their effort to fight this kind of disaster.In my next research i will be focusing on various affirmative actions taken by countries to end this and how it can work together with the society to eradicate this.

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Sex difference in education are a type of sex discrimination in the education system affecting both men and women during and after their educational experiences. Men are more likely to be literate on a global average, although women are more prevalent at higher educated in some countries and even in Kenya. I think to stop this the government especially the President must appoint a cabinet secretary to deal with this kid of activity. Actually this corruption!!!!!!!

An interesting topic of study you have there Dale. Each and every gender should be given equal opportunities in all fields. This is something that everyone should be fighting for. Otherwise, its a good work that you are truly doing there. Congratulations.

I am very interested in your question, Dale, especially as there is an inherent contradiction within the government of first world countries when they espouse equality but do not model it in the lived reality of their governmental infrastructures.  You might find it helpful in your research internet searches to use the term "affirmative action policies in government".  Affirmative action means giving an advantage to under-represented groups within an employment or government sector.  Good luck in your research.  I am interested in following your discoveries.

its quite a good project.i suggest that you look at the different organizations that have come up to fight for gender equality.also look at some of the things you think are the effects of gender inequality.also,look at some instances where you think that gender equality has not been achieved e.g in the government of various countries.

This is a very interesting field of research. The African continent has diverse cultures which are different but also have certain similarities. What do you think the culture has to do with the problem of gender inequality? Talking about the government, do you think the government in some countries have played part in bringing in gender inequality?

It would be really interesting if you looked into that because there are so many things that affect gender equality in many countries in the world.

That is a very interesting topic,especially because it is a very common issue.In my own opinion i think how the government and society can establish and uphold gender equality is working together,by this i mean the society should promote equality among-est themselves by respecting each others opinions,ideas,culture,talent,dressing,mannerisms,religion,desires and so much despite their gender.The government can come up with policies that promote and uphold gender equality,organize rallies and campaigns that educate people on the importance of equality.

This actually a very interesting topic to work on, its also very broad topic which i have been working for quite some time, i will be very glad if we worked together, we can always link up here. I think the best way to do this is to start a private message here in BE where we can always help each other out before we do our posts! I love this project!