Cultural Exchange Project Plan

Topic: Cultural exchange

Name of Teacher: Donna

Name of Mentor: None thus far, but am excited at the plausibility of it

Inquiry Question: How and why is cultural exchange important to both the individual and amassing society?

Summary of idea -  Cultural defines cultural exchange as “programs [that] expose students to people from different cultural, religious, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds and in so doing provide the opportunity for students to develop a greater understanding of diversity...They allow students to interact with and learn from people who are different from themselves and to participate in new and unique experiences beyond their own communities”

This project will plunge head first into the fascinating realm of anthropology, with an emphasis on the social and cultural. It will explore some fundamental topics, such as why learning about and interacting with people from other, often polar opposite, cultures is significant. How do these events impact ourselves, our identities, interactions, opinions, and the like. Why should we bother with teaching/exposing children to indigenous cultures in schools? How will an increasing or decreasing level of cultural knowledge and diversity impact this century? All the former engrossing subjects funneling into my central question. 

I will be delving into modern day humanity' s rich “ethnosphere” and on occasion examining both history and biology. Also, I will not exclude present day issues regarding the loss of language, culture, and people, as it is of my opinion that these controversies dovetail immensely into my question.

In conclusion, I hope to end this project with a long, voraciously researched essay and presentation. I also may consider various additional options, such as surveys and awareness campaigns.

The majority of my research will be based from the writings, lectures, films, etc of Wade Davis, as I have recently begun reading his eighth book, The Wayfinders, and have become utterly and fully ensnared in his rich work and character. Some sources I intend to use are as follows:


Davis, Wade. The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World. Toronto: House of Anansi, 2009. Print.


Davis, Wade.Book of Peoples of the World: A Guide to Cultures. Rev. ed. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic, 2007. Print.


T., Sarah. "The Importance and Benefits of Diversity." The Importance and Benefits of Diversity. Web. 8 Dec. 2015.


"Wade Davis Ted Talks." YouTube. YouTube. Web. 8 Dec. 2015.


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I think the idea of cultural exchange is just so awesome. We might learn about something in school about how another culture acts. Until you experience this for yourself you won't really understand the importance of traditions. You don't know the true meaning of what they do, whether it is a dance they perform at weddings or anything else which I can't explain because I don't know about other cultures, as much as I hope. I can't wait to see your research and what you find out about this topic.

Really cool! I can see this project going really far, Anika. Wade Davis is a great resource as well. I love his work, and I'm sure you'll be able to get a lot out of what he does before the end of your project.

In your inquiry question, I'm a little bit confused about the use of the word "amassing?" Do you mean that your question is applying to the continuation of the spread of humans? Or something else? It may be worth considering using a different word to portray your meaning. But then again, that just might be my limited appreciation of that word.