Round Research #2: Why countries fight each other for economic reasons

In the first round of research I studied the religious causes of war, in this post, I will focus on the economic causes of conflicts.

Economic causes of wars, are wars  that ere caused by governments aiming for political and economic supremacy (1). The developing countries yearn for development hence creating trade partnerships with other countries therefore contributing to rivalry for the fear of competition.

Economic competition in particular can be examined from a number of different perspectives grouped into two broad categories: The first is competition as outcome, or the ability to increase standards of living through domestic economic policies (2). The second is competition as action, where government policies and programs are applied to further not just economic but geopolitical and military goals (2).

However, some of the superior countries, with large economies may have larger and more powerful arms hence dominating the others when it comes to war (3). Mostly, trade takes part between several countries (3). This is where problems comes in when it comes to boundaries (3). Since they do not want to be dominated, they detain others from taking their valuables for marketing and vice versa leading to war (3). These wars become even more intense leading poverty as social warfare is depleted and goods and services are diverted to the war effort (3). 

Some of the economic caused wars is when Kenya was demanding for independence after it became a colony in 1920 (3). The colonial power had dominated their land and exploited valuable minerals (3). Lands were alienated to the expense of European settlers and after Africans had  formed  political parties to air their  grievances the fight broke between them (3). One of the demand is that they wanted a return of their land (3). Fertile lands were taken away and Africans experienced  starvation due to small and unproductive land  that even affected their economic growth (3).

Poverty and conflict are widely understood to be closely interconnected; with poverty making countries more prone to civil war, and armed conflict weakening governance and economic performance, thus increasing the risk of conflict relapse.(4)  

The economic consequences of war | CEPR




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    I really love your topic as I find wars and battles between countries fascinating. I can tell you find them fascinating as well based off how thorough and information packed your post is. I really like that you are looking at the different reasons why a war may begin, whether it has to do with religion or the economy. Your post is very well written and I learned so much after reading it.

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