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My big question is how does technology affect our relationships? This big topic question is vital for others in our community on a global level because we will learn how much technology is sufficient for our relationships with others. I want to help others thrive in this technology-based world. Healthy communication in our relationships may prevent global problems such as wars, poverty, fights and pollution. We will never be able to live without technology, so why not use it for our benefit?

Sub-topic: What are the negative and positive sides of using technology to support our relationships? This question will open my knowledge on if we should use technology in our relationships. For example, if 90% of the effects of technology on our technology is harmful, we will learn that we should limit ourselves to using technology as our source of communication.

There are many positive sides to technology that are used to support our relationships (1).  It helps us stay in contact when we are physically unable to meet each other (1). For example, many couples decide to stay in a long-distance relationship (1). This is because they chose to use social media in a positive way (1). Technology also has a great anonymous aspect where we are braver to initiate conversations, we never thought we would do in person (1). It is an easier way to truly communicate without the fear of rejection or embarrassment (1). We also use social media to share our ideas and stories (1). For example, we post pictures on Instagram to share our experiences (2). This will help us stay connected with others throughout our day (3). It is truly up to us to use technology in a positive or negative way (4).

However, there are also negative aspects of using technology to carry our relationships(5). 70% of 631 parents think that technology interrupts their family time (5). This shows that we need to limit our technology for our family quality time (6). Furthermore, it is important to know more about the effects of technology because around 25% of 631 adults wish they knew more about technology affecting their relationships (6). However, we need to see the change in ourselves too. Only 53% of 631 students think they are on their phones too much. However, 59% of 631 adults believe their partner spends too much time on their device(6).


In conclusion, technology is a great alternative to support our relationships (7). However, it is better to communicate in person to truly get to know each other (7). Some ways to do this are using a screen-time limit on our phones, to remind us to limit our screen time (7). Another way is to purposely leave our phones away for a day, to realize how attached we are to our phones (7). Also, it is important to follow through and have the desire to improve our relationships with others (7).

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  1. Hey Sarah,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog as I thought it was really eye-opening. It was very cool to see the percentages on what parents and kids think about technology and family time. I was shocked to see how many parents think it ruins family bonding as I feel sometimes kids use media/their phones to get a bit of a break, but it is really interesting to see! But on top of your question, the writing is really nice as it makes it easy to read your post! I found this link while looking a bit more around the statistical side of this question, so hopefully it is helpful to you later on! Good luck on your future posts!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I found your blog post very interesting and informative! Especially in this day and age, it is important to recognize the large role which technology plays int many relationships. In addition I love that you still specify the difference between technological connections and in-person ones.
    Here are some resources that may help you for the future!

    – Sanam M.

  3. Hello Sarah,
    I find your blog to be a very true one in the fact that I have witnessed how technology has ruined relationships. Mostly it’s about the kids and their parents. I see how my friends are always on their phones all the time that they don’t find time to even spend quality time with their siblings and families. I think it’s really nice that you talked about it and now I know that I have to limit my time using technology and spend most of it with my family and friends. You did a very good job on your research, to bad you are done but I know you have something great in mind for the next inquiry question.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I found your blog to be very informative and insightful. I like how you gave us percentages on what parents vs children think. I was surprised at the high number of parents that think technology ruins family time. I agree on this, I honestly prefer using my phone than being with my family. I notice nowadays how my own friends are using their phones more than before. A suggestion I have is that maybe you can compare how relationships were before in the 90s compared to now. I think that there is a great difference, and I honestly wish to experience a relationship without technology. There is no point in my suggestion since your research is over, but I think anyone can build on to your idea and compare how relationships were before technology and today. Here is a link:

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