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Hello All,

I have decided to do a story project again this semester. This story will also be about a real person whose name has been changed to protect her privacy. The story’s focus is on Kaya, a girl who has just gone on her first date with her first boyfriend. Kaya’s new boyfriend does something to disappoint her, and Kaya is thrown into a flashback of a similar person doing a similar thing. Kaya gets the feeling that, like her relationship with her friend, this relationship will end badly. (Her boyfriend actually broke up with her less than a week later but that’s not really relevant to the story, and once again, everything is written with Kaya’s consent). I will go into more detail in later posts, this is a very general summary. Unlike my last story, this one is more of a relationship study than a classic person vs something story. The story’s name is “Bad Feeling” but I promise it’s not as sad is it sounds. Very ominous/ambiguous, with plenty of extrapolation and character thoughts.

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Hi! My name is Amy Zhang of Charles Best Secondary School! I enjoy being out in nature and programming my robot.

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