Blog post 5 – Research round 3

What inspired pop music and how has it evolved over time. 

To answer my inquiry question, I need a few other answers to other questions. One that I have is “what creates a pop song?” this is important because some of the sounds or instruments used to create some of the best selling songs have been inspired by older songs from other genres that date back centuries.

What defines pop music?

  • Pop music (popular music) is the now modern genre of music (1)
  • It’s called popular music because it is played the most on radios, in public, and found in commercials.
  • Marketing is a huge deal for artists when creating their music
    • Commonly in partnerships with big brands and making videos promoting their songs on popular platforms (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.)


  • What genres combine to make pop music (2)
  • Genres like rock, country, hip-hop, r&b, and many more.
  • Characteristics of pop music include:
  • Good rhythm, easy to remember and sing along too, catchy melody, last between 3-5 minutes.


  • Facts about pop (or any types of) music (3)
  • Music can help you work and concentrate better
  • Some beats can keep your heartbeat healthy
  • Has the power to recall your memory after brain injuries
  • Can change your perception
  • Can be good for plants
  • Singing is a good way to relieve stress
  • Babies can hear and listen to music inside the womb
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