Blog post #5: where should youth invest their money?

When should you invest in stocks? 

Many individuals invest in stocks instead of other commodities as the probability of return compared returns at a higher and faster rate is more of a reality as opposed to commodities such as valuable minerals or land. In addition, many take up investing as a form of passive income, as they are able to make money without having to put in physical labour.(1)


At what age should you invest in stocks? Ultimately, the earlier the better, in order to allow time and the economy to help rectify a value into the stock. However, at certain ages it is better to invest in certain commodities. For example, most recommend investing in stocks at an earlier age, whether that be your teenager years or your 20s-30s. However, the closer you get to your middle to retirement ages is when you should be investing in retirement funds and bonds of the like. (2)


Now say you have decided to invest in stocks.. When should you be investing? 

Although investing and when to invest is an art which many financial advisors have been trying to master, and i will be discussing some general rules of thumb, most of the time, when to invest may be up to luck and your own judgement.

Though some tips that may help when buying can be, when a stock is on sale or lower than usual (although some may be vary when buying a low stock, as they should be, if you are in the long term game, you may want to keep your eyes open for potential growing stocks that are at a low price currently.) The main tip that many recommend is to do you homework and compare current events in the stock market to past events and see if you are able to predict what will happen next.(3)


When should you invest in properties/commodities? 

However, in addition to stocks there are also other commodities such as properties, gold, dollars, etc. Some key reasons some invest in properties are, the cash flow, since properties are always in demand, in most cases there is a stable cash flow which comes from renting out land, room, or a house. In addition, there are more taxing advantages when you are a property owner as opposed to a stock owner.(4) Another reason many invest in properties/commodities, is that they tend tol be stable through periods of inflation, as opposed to stocks, and even if you don’t own property, you are able to invest in properties through property investment funds and other funds from your local bank.(5) 


Benefits of investing at a young age?  


Lastly, what are some benefits of investing at a young age? Although the investment market for young individuals may be a little limited, there are still multitudes of pro’s for investing at a young age. The main advantage being that at a younger age you have a longer time to build your wealth and investment portfolios, giving you an advantage inbeing able to make mistakes or invest in a less cautionary and more playful environment at an early age. In addition, as a younger individual you have more of a grasp on current trends and tech savvy companies that are capable of future fame. This key intuition is a great intellectual commodity that can’t be bought and will be very valuable for future investments.(6)


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