Blog #4 – How do pet’s affect human’s mental/physical health?

Hello everyone! Today I will be talking about another main question that I have been wondering about. The question I will be talking about is How do pet’s affect human’s mental and physical health?

To begin, I will be explaining the benefits of pets, and there are many that are positive for humans mental and physical health. Though most feel happy and joyful when being around a pet, the actual mental and physical health imporvement they gain is remarkable. Pets can undertsand when their owners are sad, stressed out, or ill, and this casues them to be more careful and caring around a person. It is unknown to why they can realise their owners are not feeling “normal” but it is known to be a fact. All pets can imporve cardiovascular health due to the amount of “playtime” a pet may require. Studies have shown that those with pets are less likely to suffer from a far more severe depression then a person without a pet. They are also known to create elevated elvels of serotonina and dopamine within the body which are chemical and drugs within the body that create a sense of calmness. (1). Pets are known to increase life rates for anyone in any age. Creating children to become happier, and giving elders a sense of safety and joyfulness.

Another list of benefits and why many animals create a strong mental health for their owners and humans in general begins with the emotional attachtment both the pet and the owner gain when being with eachother for a long period of time(2). This also shows why our companions feel so relaxed all the time. Animals provide more social awareness for a person creating their owners to have a social life (most times). The presence of animals can also help a person who may not have trust in many to gain a better feeling to willingly trust others as it is known for animals to create a sense of responsibility in a person as well as trust. However, animals do not actually create that willingness for others to start trusting more, the feeling and sense they cause around a person pushes one to create a “better version” of themselves. (3).

Having a pet is known to be a large responsibility and a main reason to why many avoid wanting one; however, when one gets a pet, they are automatically keen to becoming more active due to the amount of work a pet will need in order to keep their energy down inside of the house/ in rooms. Doctors reports have shown a 30% increase in physical activity in patients with pets, and as we all know, being physically active will also create a healthier state of mental health for a person as working out is a great way to release stress, and working out with a pet creates double the effectiveness!! (4). Now going into the mental health part rather than physical health, the ways a pet is beneficial is that they create a sense of  never being alone, because you never will be. Pets have also been knwon to improve the health of those disorders such as kids with autism, as they have influence and show a child how to form a bond, and how to value and create more bonds and friendships in the future! (5)

Overall, animals help lots becasue they create a healthier body, and help humans unlock more emotions which help heal ones mental health if it is damaged! thank you for reading my blog for today!!




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5 Replies to “Blog #4 – How do pet’s affect human’s mental/physical health?”

  1. Hello Negar,

    I am greatly intrigued by your blog topic, and love how you integrated pets with some of the most important human necessities; mental and physical health. One thing I enjoyed about this blog post in particular was your focus on physical health/walking and cardiovascular activity. This is such a great talking point as dogs and animals in general always allow for additional physical activity as well as mental comfort! I would thoroughly enjoy seeing the relationship between certain animals and their characteristics that create a positive mental and physical impact on their owners. For example cats and dogs; what can they both offer to strengthen human mental health, and which one is better for both and why?
    Below I have listed a few helpful resources.
    Awesome Job! Keep up the great work!


  2. Hello Negar,
    I always love reading your blog posts because our topics are so similar! I noticed we have both researched some of the same things which are great! I always love learning how pets can influence our mental health because it applies to my life and many other individuals as well. Since getting my own cat named Kiko I have definitely seen my mental health improve. I never noticed it until now but your blog post has helped me realize that Kiko also improves my physical health greatly. For example, when I play with him or take him on walks. Amazing blog post!

    Here are some websites that may be useful:

    I look forward to seeing your future blog posts!

  3. Hey Negar,

    Awesome post!! I always hear people talking about how pets help their mental health, but it’s interesting to actually understand how they do that. I also loved learning about how pets help our physical health because I never really thought of how they help us stay active! To expand on this, maybe you could talk about which pets are the most comforting, or if they all help our mental health in the same way? For example, are dogs better at this than cats? And can more unusual pets like lizards or chinchillas comfort us in the same way? These are just a few ideas but I think it would be interesting to see if only certain types of animals like fluffy ones can be comforting! Here are some resources that may help you with your future research!

    Overall I loved reading this post and I’m looking forward to your next one!


    • I love this Idea!!! I have never actually thought about any unsual animals so I will defiantly add some unsual animals to my next blog post as it is truly intriguing to see if they still have the same “results” as any other normal pet animals (which I’m sure they do!). Thank you for letting me know and I will make sure to check out the links you provided!!

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