Blog Post 4: Climax and Falling Action

My project is a story which, with the consent of the subject of the story, I will try to recreate the real-life scene that happened from approximately 2 to 5 pm on August 4, 2022. This post is focused on the climax, falling action, and resolution.

Short summary of my story: A high schooler is locked outside of her home and tries to break into it and not let anyone find out.


Miri, now with a new possible way of getting inside her house, ran back to the patio to fetch the folding ladder (1)

which she unfolded under the window.

After placing the feet of the rear side, the step ladder on the stairs and the feet of the front side on the bed of rocks,

Miri then ran back to the patio to take her binder from her backpack. She placed her binder under the lower foot of the front side to make the ground more even and stabilize the ladder.

Miri carefully climbed the ladder from the side planted on the rock bed.

When she got to the highest rung – the highest rung she felt relatively safe on, that was (2) – she slowly turned and gripped the windowsill, shifting her weight so that her arms could support her.

Just as her feet began to leave the step ladder rungs, she felt the ladder begin to wobble. Miri shifted her weight and hastily grabbed the step ladder’s front side rails, descending to the safety of solid ground. It took her two more tries before she finally pushed her head into the window. Just as she was about to celebrate her success, her head bonked into something hard. She pulled aside her curtain


to reveal her desk, which was placed in a corner of her wall and blocked a part of her window.

Miri, unwanting to give up but losing hope quickly (3), descended back on the step ladder’s rungs. She tried again, poking her head through the small gap between her desk and the window (4). She managed to get her entire torso through before her waist got stuck. She struggled fruitlessly until the glint of brass caught her eye.

On a golden necklace chain on her desk was her key! (5)

Falling Action:

Miri took the key and cleaned up the “crime scene”, removing all evidence of the happenings. It was now 4: 39, she still had an estimated one hour and twenty minutes before her parents came back. She rushed to the front door and unlocked it, placing her dusted-off her binder and retrieving the package and newspaper from her room, placing them on the floor before the front door. Miri spared one last look at her handiwork before heading off in the direction of Ryan’s renewed meows.


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