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My inquiry question this semester is “What is the impact of school on students’ mental health?”

This is obviously a very complex question, so I have split up my research into three different subsections. In my last blog post, I researched what kind of mental health disorders schools can cause in teens. In this blog post, I plan to research how schools contribute to students’ mental health in different ways, whether it be positive or negative.

Mental health issues are treatable and often preventable. (1) One in five people live with some sort of mental illness. (3) School stress can cause tiredness, mental upset, and negative thoughts. (4) School stress can have many different causes, and home and classroom learning can both cause school stress. (6) Academic pressure is occurring earlier as a result of parents wanting their children to do well in school. (6) Schools are meant to be places for social and academic growth, but are instead a source of stress. (4) To fix this, schools can have regular checkins for their students. (2) Schools can include eating disorder support as well as alcohol and drug education. (7) Educators are the first to notice changes in a students’ behaviour (1) and schools have many resources to help students. (1) Teachers should have basic mental health training. (2)

Mental health awareness and education could be part of a school curriculum in order to better aid students. (3) As a result, teachers and students would know how to recognize mental health struggles. (3) School therapists and social workers can also help identify budding mental health issues. (5) Adolescents are also more comfortable accessing services through school based clinics to help with their mental health. (5) To reduce school stress, students can work on getting enough sleep (4) and some say socializing can reduce school stress. (4)

Mentally healthy  students are more likely to go school. (5) Early intervention is key in diagnosing mental health issues. (7) Teachers play an important role in this issue. (7)

In my next blog post, I plan to research what schools can do to help with students’ mental issues.




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  1. Hey Aniela,
    Fantastic blog post! I enjoyed reading your post and I agree with you that there should be more mental health awareness at school since most students’ stress comes from school. Also as you said teachers should have mental health training because sometimes students can be struggling in a certain class and be too scared to speak up and a teacher should be able to notice the signs. A question I have is how you can tell if someone is stressed from their body language? Also, are there certain foods that can lower stress? Below is a link that can help with your next blog post if you are looking for more ways to reduce stress in students.

    Nevertheless, good luck with your research!

    Mahdiya A.

  2. Hi Aniela,

    Great work on providing a detailed researched post. I loved how you expanded on the idea of how we can stop school stress. I see a lot of people stressed at school, so you provided great resources to prevent that such as teachers should have mental health training, alcohol/vaping/drug/eating disorder education and check-ins with the teachers. This will help students feel comfortable in sharing what they are going through, and with this information we may help other students too. Some questions I have for you are: how can teens create a better sleep schedule? Can overachieving in school become a stress? What are some other reasons for academic pressure other than the parents’ desires?

    Some resources I found helpful are:


    Can’t wait to read your future posts!

  3. Hi Aniela,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. As a student, I can see connections between the information provided and what I observe at school among other students, especially when there is a lot of homework for students to finish before Winter Break. I liked how you mentioned how shcool and induce eating disorders because of judgement from other peers. I believe that school should be a place we feel comfortable in because of how much time from our day we spend at school and with our friends, peers and teachers.

    A source that I have found that you may find interesting is:

    I liked this source since it mentions what educators should do and know about stundents’ mental health and by knowing this, what they can do to help improve their mental health. I also thought this source is helpful because it provides more links throughout the information provided that can automatically take you to other sources with deeper examples and explinations which may be helpful in future blog posts.

    Overall, I really enjoyed reading your blog post since the topic is something so relevant in our lives today, especially as students and I look forward to reading your future blog posts and following your research!


  4. Hello Aniela,
    I really loved reading your blog post. It’s very well-researched and informative! I’m glad your inquiry question focuses on the impacts school has on mental health. I have noticed many peers experiencing a decrease in their mental health when they feel stressed from homework or tired from the daily routine. It might also be interesting to research how the pandemic impacted students’ mental health.

    Here are some websites that may be useful for your topic:

    Good luck with your following blog posts!

  5. Hey Aniela!
    Great blog post! It was really interesting reading your post because of the statistics and key information you provided. Mental health is a topic I am very passionate about. I loved reading its connection to school and classes because I have seen the toll it has taken on some of my close friends’ mental health in the recent years. I visited one of your earlier blog posts and noticed you wanted to talk about what schools could do to improve students mental health in your next one.
    Here is a link I found that could help you write your post!

    I can’t wait to read more about your topic with you! Best of luck,
    – Anannya B

  6. Hello Aniela,
    You have done an extensive research on much needed topic, thank you.
    These are great solution to manage and prevent mental health problems among students.
    I also think most of it is caused by pressure to perform well, heavy work load and bullying.
    Here some articles on teen mental health research you might find interesting.\

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