Blog #3 – Why are animals so comforting?

Hello!! Today I will be talking about the actual actions that an animal may do, to create a comforting feeling for a person. So while researching the health side of how animals can comfort a person, I came across this article that mentions the good, and the bad parts of how an animal can/affects humans physically.

(1) This article mention that when humans have an interaction with an animal of any sorts (one they are not scared of) cortisol, a stress related hormone in the humany body is very reduced, and ones blood pressure can actually become lower. That can be a good and bad thing, but it does cause a person to ultimately feel more relaxed. Thought the reason is unknown, because it is very hard to predict if one person will react the same, as some people do not like animals, so they will not feel relaxed, and others only feel relaxed when around animals, but the researcher in this article concluded that they are more focused on how an animal will help physically. In additions, animals themselves become feel more protected and safe when with someone/owner they know, because they do not feel like they have to be in a like “attack mode” because they know they are safe. (2) Another article mentions ones chlolestrol levels, and heart health. Physically they can lower risk of heart disease, and can lower unhealthy cholesterol levels, while easing anxiety. Simply petting an animal is known to reduce stress, and to create a calmer feeling around the person. (3) Lastly this article is mainly focused towards dogs, but it mentions good information, the main type of how a human is comforted by an animal. An animals trust in their owner is the main reason why a human can feel comforted, in this case dogs can feel when their owner is sad, because they can hear it. This expirement showed that when a person/owner is crying the dogs rush towards their owners. They can feel the sadness somehow, and know that they can comfort their owner through sad times. This is why we feel so comforted around animals. In this case, the stress that is released when crying on top of the stress that is released when having a furry thing beside you add up, and causes that comfort feeling on having a thing listen, and be with you through hard times.

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what an animal does that makes a person feel so comforted

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  1. Hey Negar! This is such a cool post. As I sit here typing this, cat by my side, I can assure you I feel calm. Whether that is my cat or just my blanket, I cannot say, but my anecdotal evidence backs up my love for pets. It’s super interesting to learn that dogs can actually determine when their owners are sad, especially in contrast with the average cat who seems to think at all about the emotions of others. On top of that, lowering the risk of heart disease, unhealthy cholesterol levels, and anxiety are insanely large effects for such small creatures. The bond that humans share with these domestic animals is truly magnificent!

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  2. Hi Negar,

    Is the last sentence of your post (“what an animal does that makes a person feel so comforted”) the inquiry question for this post or the next?

    – Amy

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