Blog Post 3: Research on Exposition and Rising Action

My project is a story which, with the consent of the subject of the story, I will try to recreate the real-life scene that happened from approximately 2 to 5 pm on August 4, 2022.

Short summary of my story: A high schooler is locked outside of her home and tries to break into it and not let anyone find out.

The story starts with Miri, a high schooler currently in her summer school classroom. She gets a text from her burner phone (1) about how her mother cannot pick her up, which wouldn’t be so panic inducing since she lives within walking distance were it not for the fact that she has forgotten her keys and her mother – who is not coming back until around two hours after she herself does – locked the door (2). While at the school, Miri breaks the clips off two of her mechanical pencils, one plastic and one metal, to try to use as makeshift keys (3). Miri goes back home and tries to use the clips as keys on the front door, and later tries all of the other doors once she suspects that she has been standing at the front door for too long, all attempts at using the makeshift keys unsuccessful (3).

Miri sits on a lawn chair


and ponders her next course of action, tempted to give up (4) but too ashamed to do so (5), and decides to try going for the windows by removing the mesh screens and sliding the glass (6).



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  7. Photos were taken by Amy Zhang at the real-life location of the scene. 4:34 pm, November 9, 2022.

For the next research round, my topic will be focused on the climax.

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