Action project: #3 Cat Therapy Rescue

The cat therapy rescue society (CTRS) is a rescue society where us as a community we take care, adopt out and foster cats of all ages, types and sizes that have been in a rough situation such as strays, abandoned, abusive past home and many others. Where do we get the cats you may ask? well, we ship them in from all over the world, most popular places are, California kill shelters, Mexico and Thailand. At CTRS we focus on adopting out cats to people who are capable of taking car of a feline friend as well as someone who is educated with cats and is looking to help out with them.  There is many different locations where they cats are in there temporary living stages, the locations are in PetSmart, the PetSmart  i volunteer at is the main  Port Coquitlam PetSmart right when you enter PoCo. There we have a system where there is 4 cages with a top section and a bottom section, sometimes we get multiple cats such as a bonded pair or a mom and kittens and need to give them some more room to roam around in when there not out of the kennels playing. for that we open up a little tunnel where the cats can walk through by doing that they have 2 tops and 2 bottoms to have a little more flexibility. The cats love to jump around, play, climb and cuddle you (when there comfortable enough), while most of the cats love to play but of course there is the cats that are shy from being in a bad environment before and it is difficult to help them adapt to the space. I have really enjoyed learning about the cats and help out animals in need.

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