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Hi everyone!

My inquiry question: What inspired pop music

To answer this question, I decided to research 3 different mini questions like, the different styles of pop music and where they originate from and when they started becoming popular and used by the mainstream pop artists we know and love today.

  1. Where did pop music originate? 

Finding the answer to where pop music originates from (United States and United Kingdom) is a great start to finding out more about what inspired it because then once I know where it originates from I can find out what genres or styles of music those places of the world were originally listening to.

2. What elements are used in the style of pop music?

The pop genre is often borrowing elements from dance, rock, urban, country, and more. This is important to know when researching my topic of interest because knowing the genres that are used to form the pop genre into what it is today is like the ingredients in a recipe and discovering what pop music could look like in the future.

3. What defines pop music? 

Knowing what defines pop music like what instruments are used in the making of pop songs is information I will need because I can research to see if these instruments were used in previous popular projects in music that could’ve inspired pop songs. I will also do research on songs that are a different genre that pop artists may have used a sample from previous songs of a different genre or style. 

The 5 resources that could help me further research my project include the following: › british › pop-m… › audioset › ontology › music… › entry › pop_… › what-is-pop-m… › music-genre-statistics

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  1. Hi Hannah. I love how in-depth you explained each of your research rounds. While I’m not a big fan of pop music, I enjoy seeing people that have an interest in music. Your sub-topics are also really interesting. While most people listen to pop music on a regular basis, most don’t really know what exactly pop music truly entails and what musical traits it has. I’m looking forward to reading your future posts!

    Some resources you may find useful are:

  2. Hey Hannah!

    I love that your inquiry question relates to something you are passionate about. The three mini questions you have chose are great for your research. As I read your post I noticed that you talked about creation and origin of pop music. Step 1&3 are huge parts that contribute to your research because those are root questions to finding the inspiration of this highly loved music genre.

    Here are two links that can help with your research:

    This link is helpful because it talks about the history of pop music and talks about its origins. (this link is only available for a certain amount of reading before restricting access, because you have to be a member)


    This link is helpful for your research because it goes through a very detailed timeline of pop music, starting from 1930.

    Good luck with the rest of your project!

    – Rhea :))

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