Blog Post #2 – ls virtual reality/augmented reality positive to humans?

Hello everyone! Today I will be detailing my project plan for my inquiry question: ls virtual reality/augmented reality positive to humans?


Research Rounds:

  1. What is virtual/augmented reality? (This will allow students comprehend these often misunderstood technologies)
  2. What is their history and how have they advanced? (This will demonstrate to students the how far this technology has come and how quickly this modern technology advances)
  3. What are the pros/cons of VR/AR and are they a net positive for humans? (This will lay out the facts of how VR/AR can help and hurt humanity, allowing students to make their own conclusions to whether this technology should be pursued)

Sources I might use:,%2Dmounted%20display%20(HMD).


I believe this inquiry project will have very large implications to others and my community, as this technology is incredibly relevant and advancing fast. As this technology continues to get updates and get more sophisticated, its implementation will become more widespread across many sectors, including education. Students and community members will therefore significantly benefit from more education on this topic, as it will allow them to make smart decisions in their future.

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  1. Hi Victor!
    I think your research is really cool. This new technology is increasingly gaining popularity. I think the technology can be an important tool to conduct remote education especially during pandemics such as Covid-19. Imaging being able to do a lab while at the comfort of your home? I think virtual/augmented reality creates another set of a world, which, in my thinking, will help reduce the resources we use to build physical models. However, I cant wait to see the cons of this technology to the quality of education, gaming, and human health.
    All my best!

  2. Hello Victor,
    Excellent blog post, keep up the great work! I have never tried VR myself, but I have seen videos on the internet every now and then about how cool VR is. I have always wondered too if is VR good for humans. Could VR be the end of humans as every one of us becomes more and more reliant on Virtual Reality and no one is ever productive? Good luck with your project!
    Here are a few links that might help you with your research!,happen%20in%20our%20actual%20world.

  3. Hi Victor,

    This is a great inquiry question. Although, I don’t know much about VR, I think this is a great topic and brings me much interest. VR will definitely have a big impact on the future as technology is becoming more and more influential in our daily lives. It will be interesting to see how VR can affect us negatively or positively. I am very intrigued to see more about your inquiry.
    Here’s a few sources that can help!
    Good luck!

  4. Hi Victor,

    This is an interesting topic and it also is a question that has crossed my mind. I remember when VR headsets first came out, everyone was excited, and those who tried it almost all gave good reviews. But are they really beneficial for humans in the long term? Even off of my mind right now, I can think of cons like growing users’ addiction to the visual world. I also agree with you that this is a useful topic to research on especially since our world is advancing so fact in technology.

    If you were thinking on discussing the pros and cons of VR as in the technology itself and how it impacts humans in general, you might also be interested to look into, more specifically, how it affects the health of humans (ex. our eyes and our mental health). This might delve in to the third part of your research more and provide a more well-rounded answer.

    Here are a few links that can help you:

    Good luck and I look forward to your future blog posts!

    • Thanks for the comment Jade! It’s really cool to see that others are also interested in this topic. I am absolutely planning on discussing the mental and physical effects of VR and AR on humans, as there are a lot. From eye strain to anti-social disorders, this technology can be quite useful for some industries, yet for the average human and society as a whole may cause damages that are rarely spoken about.

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