Blog post #2 – Animals and people!


Hello everyone! Thank you for taking interest in my topic! Today I will be talking about what certain questions i will be researching to find a reasonable answer for my inquiry questions which is, Why do animals (pets) make poeple feel so nice?

The first question will be what an animal does that makes a person feel so comforted, and though this question is not really a factual question, and based purely on opinion, it may be hard to answer, but i will be focusing on the factual section, and that is is there a certain chemical that does this, it is simply emotions because of how comforting a pet is etc.

The second topic I will be going into more detail will be how do the pets affect out mental health, how do they comfort us, and how does that comfort feeling affect us. This will be going into more detail about the human mind, and comfort. It will be explaning how a human mind reacts, and why it reacts the way it does mentally.

Lastly an important sub-question and wonder that i want to research about this question is what does an animal think? How do the animals feel, when we comfort them, do they feel used? do they feel good and comforted, or do they feel annoyed, and possibly ways one can tell. Now i have always wondered this specific part due to the fact that everytime i am hugging my cat, I wonder if he feels used, so i tend to feel bad, but i want to know how animals feel, because I want to know if my pet is enjoying life, and feeling happy.

Some links I will be using to for reference to answer my main questions will be the links below, I feel that though some may be older than others, they show lots of information about just the right topics i am looking to research.

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Lastly, the big question is, how is this going help/change society, and indivisuals themselves. Well this can help knowledge become wider, as im sure many people have wondered if their pets are happy, why they feel so nice around their pets, and how the pets has affected their life in a very positive way, because as a pet owner, i can certainly agree, that i am constantly thinking about these types of questions. As an indivisual, it will possibly help you become a better pet owner, see what you pets need, see why do certain actions for affection, and to treat them with the absolute amount of love that they need! I believe that this question will help people become a little relaxed, because personally even seeing cute animal photos, i feel relaxed.
Thank you for reading through this really long post!! Hope to see some people next time!!

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  1. Hey Negar,
    I love your topic, I love how you chose such an abstract topic that most don’t really think about, even though it has such a great impact on us!
    Your research questions are greatly put together and though out! Have you thought of incorporating how animals can affect us in a school environment for you last question on changing society?

    Some schools are known to have pets/mascots for their schools to promote a positive environment? What is your personal opinion on this? Would you agree or disagree? I am very curious to hear!!!

    Here are some links regarding this topic that I think will help ou, if you want to give it a try!!

    Lastly I wish you luck in your research and I can’t wait to hear what you think about this topic!!
    – Sanam M

  2. Hi Negar,

    This is an interesting and fun topic! I have always known that pets make people feel happier, but never wondered why they do – and I’m sure many of the others also feel the same way. So, I look forward to more of your blog posts to learn more about this topic.

    I like how your blog post is organized and easy to navigate. I was able to understand everything through reading it once. A suggestion is that maybe you can extend your question a bit and research about the benefits that is brought to us? It’s the idea of after finding out why pets make us feel nice, how does this actually benefit our lives (ex. our health)?

    Here are a few links that can help:

    Good luck!

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