Blog #2: How is Mental Health spoken about in Pop Culture?

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For blog post #2, I had to pick 3 mini questions within my main one “How is Mental Health spoken about in Pop Culture?” The three that I picked include the following:

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1. What impacts does social media have on teens mental health?

Finding an answer to what impacts social media has on teens mental health will help me get to the point of understanding how mental health is portrayed on social media. We all know social media has affected our world. Through this question I hope to further understand the positives and the negatives of how it affects our world. While understanding this, I can try to connect to the parts of my research as a teenager living in todays world.

2. How do celebrities and influencers perceive mental health online?ย 

Recently, celebrities and other influencers have been using their platforms to speak up about mental health a lot more. While actually researching this, I can understand how they do this. Whether they talk about it on Instagram or advertise for it through other brands. With the new developing technology there are multiple ways they can speak up for it but understanding what is the most efficient and what has worked the best is what I hope to find out.

3. How does the media (Hollywood industry) showcase mental health through movies and other forms of entertainment?

Through movies and other forms of entertainment, mental health is started to be spoken about a lot more. Sometimes, the things said and shown can be extreme and unrealistic. Through this mini question I would want to understand what the Hollywood industry has to do with Mental Health and like the last question, are the impacts positive or negative.

The 5 resources that could help me further research my project include the following:ย 


Finding an answer to this question would help a lot of people struggling to understand how pop culture does affect our lives. Answering this could make other individuals feel as though they are not alone and as they can find help if they need it. There are probably many ups and downs about the way mental health is showcased in pop culture. Celebrities and other influencers talk about their connections to this topic which helps their followers relate to them. This is usually something positive as it makes the followers feel like they are not alone. I hope to help others who are in the same boat as me so that they can see if their favourite influencers are making positive or negative impacts on our world.

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6 Replies to “Blog #2: How is Mental Health spoken about in Pop Culture?”

  1. Hi Annanya,

    I found your blog post really interesting and your Inquiry question is really relatable and relevant right now. A question I have is, how can social media possibly increase loneliness?

    Here is a link that I have found that may be helpful with your future research:

    This article is written by a psychologist and talks about how social media increases loneliness along with a few key points on our mental health.
    Itโ€™s something that should definitely be researched more in order to help with our mental health.

    I hope you find this website helpful and I can’t wait to follow your research ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hey Anannya!!
    I love your topic and I think it’s great you chose to tie it into pop culture as our generation gains their information through pop culture and media of the sort!
    Have you tried broadening you research by choosing different parts of pop culture and how they individually affect their viewers mental health? You have mentioned Hollywood which I agree with you, based on the sway they have with other areas such as celebrities, social media, etc. However, have you thought of incorporating music/musicians as well as pop culture in terms of micro trends?
    If you are more interested here are some links you might want to try!!,outside%20stressors%20and%20environmental%20factors.

    Also great work on your research plan! I believe your organization (as you have demonstrated here) will be a great addition following your research!

    Can’t wait for your next post!!
    – Sanam M

  3. Hi Annanya,

    I really liked how you separated your question into 3 parts: the impact of social media on teenagers, how celebrities perceive mental health online and how the media shows mental health in movies, tv shows, etc. I appreciated these topics because they concentrated on the positive and negative relationship between pop culture and media! Some questions I have are: why do movies show mental health in a way that is extreme or unrealistic? Are there harmful effects on celebrities sharing their mental health stories?

    Here are some sources to deepen your research!

    I am excited to read the rest of your project!

  4. Hello Annanya,
    Your inquiry question is something I’ve never thought of researching before. Although I’m aware pop culture often talks about specific topics in a joking manner, I wonder what the actual effects are. I loved that you researched and talk about how it specifically affects teens because that’s our own age group. I loved learning new things through reading this!

    Here are some sources which may be helpful:

    Good luck with all future blog posts!

  5. Hi Annanya!
    I believe that your inquiry question is brilliant and deserves to be touched on more; how is mental health spoken about in Pop Culture. Your second point about celebrities and influencers perceiving and sharing mental health online is really important and relevant to today. My advice would be to dig even deeper into this topic by talking a little bit about the glorification of mental health disorders online and how that can negatively affect and lead to the misdiagnosis of mental illness in teenagers/children today.
    Below I have listed a few useful sources to use in your research.

  6. Hi Annanya! I am very intrigued by your inquiry question, especially as it is such a highly discussed and researched topic. I love how you chose mental health and pop culture because I feel that pop culture can portray big issues in good and bad ways. As I read through your post, I noticed you talked about social media (related to teens), celebrities/influencers speaking up about mental health, and how Hollywood is portraying it through television. All of your three mini questions are fantastic for your overall question. Step 2&3 are really great for your research because most people (including youth) are so dialed into media. Finding an answer for those two questions can help sum up most of your question. Here are two links that can help with your research:


    Good luck with the rest of your project!

    – Rhea :))

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