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This semester, my inquiry question is “what is the relationship between music and trauma?” This question is quite vague on it’s own, so I will be breaking up the topic into different sections!

Unity in Diversity: Music, Art & Cultural Education Empower the nation

My first step to my research will be learning about how music affects humans in general.  Why do certain songs stay with us since childhood? And how does it affect the way we grow, and who we are as people? Music is something that is so simple, but can also be complex. I think there are so many things that music does for us. There are many reasons why we listen to music, otherwise, nobody would listen to any music at all, and I want to have a better understanding of that!

My second step will be researching more about the direct relation between music and trauma. I will also talk about music and mental health in general, but more specifically related to trauma. Music has saved so many lives, and it is always there for people whenever they need it. Especially when you feel alone, music will always be there. Music has also helped many survivors of traumatic experiences with their healing journeys. This is because music can reach a part of our brains that human connection cannot, and I think that is such a fascinating thing to think about, and I want to know why it can do that. What makes music so powerful that it can help people survive in the darkest of times?

My last step will be learning about different ways music has helped different people. For this step, I will ask some of my friends and family members about ways music has helped them, and what music means to them. Personally, I can’t imagine a world without music, and I think it would be interesting to see what other people’s point of views are. In elementary school I remember having a friend who absolutely despised music. I never understood it then, and I still don’t understand it now, but I would love to have a better understanding of it now!

How this question will have implications for other individuals and my community: 

I think this is an important question for many people because of how music can affect people. Music can save lives, and remind us that we’re not alone. I think more people will benefit from knowing that music will always be there for them, and it’s important to know how great of a coping mechanism it is. Music can also bring back our deepest memories, especially dark ones, and i think it’s important to know music can do that so we can heal from certain events while knowing that we aren’t alone.

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  1. Hey Shaila,
    Your topic is very engaging because everyone has experiences and memories linked with music, learning more about this is very interesting! Since your first step is to research how music affects people in general, I think it would be great to talk about how this is integrated into our minds, as kids and through our lifespan. Does different music develop different behaviours? Mindset? As we learn and grow how much of a role does music play? And with this information, how can music therapy be developed? Could this play a bigger role in the next generations?

    Here is a resource that goes into child development through music if you decide to research more about this!,sounds%20and%20meanings%20of%20words.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Shaila!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your post on this incredible phenomenon that is – How music affects humans in general?
    Talking about the direct relation between music and trauma is really cool as this really connects with mental health and coping mechanisms that many people use. My advice would be to go even deeper into the neurological response to different genres of music and how that relates to trauma on a subjective basis.
    Below I have listed a few helpful resources!
    Great work, and good luck on the remainder of your research!


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