Blog Post 2: Putting it Together

Here’s my story outline:


Main Character/Protagonist = Miri, a high schooler currently in her summer school classroom. Careless but stubborn and innovative.

Point of Attack/Problem:
Miri needs to get inside her house, but she forgot her keys and her mom – who is not coming back until around two hours after she herself does – locked the door.

Rising Action/obstacles that stand in the way of the lead character to reach their goals:

  1. Rising Action One – Miri unsuccessfully tries to unlock the doors using pencil clips.
  2. Rising Action Two – Miri gets a ladder and tries to worm her way into her bedroom window.

Miri fails to get more than her upper body through the window, not because the window is not big enough, but because she has a desk in her room blocking it. Just then, she spots her forgotten keys within reach.

Falling Action/The new reality:

Miri tidies up the area so that it looks like she had never been there, then unlocks the front door and goes inside.

Life resumes as normal, no one knowing what happened (except now, obviously, we do).

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Hi! My name is Amy Zhang of Charles Best Secondary School! I enjoy being out in nature and programming my robot.

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