Blog #1: Inquiry project

My inquiry question is: How do sports affect adolescents’ mental health?

I chose this question, as sports is a major part of my life. As I recently stopped training as much I have seen a major difference in my mental health, which is why it prompted me to learn more about this, and understand how sports affects your mood and mental health.

I wondered how does physical activity affect not only your body positively but your mind and mood. How is your mood connect to your physical health, and how connected are they. Additionally does it vary from person to person.

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  1. Hello!

    This is a super cool inquiry question! I have always played a lot of sports and have been aware of the toll and benefit they can have on my mental health.

    I think it would be really cool if you went a little bit into the way sports affect us when we are very young. Many sports players start from the ages 5-8 and I wonder how sports shape us to the people we are. I wonder how our mental health is affected when we are that young.

    I’m sure your project will be absolutely great!

  2. Hello!! I found this blog really interesting because personally I am not the best/most sports player; however, everytime i see soemthing about sports I like to follow along. Your topic is very interesting to me because (possibly) sports can be seen as a way to cope with anything going on, and this is a great habit (i wish i had :3), but there might possibly be a darker side that not many people know/realize about sports!
    I was searching about your topic, and saw this really cool article from U of T, that goes into detail about how elite athletes are most likely to suffer from a mental illness, and though you are researching the “young mind”, maybe having an idea of what happens to adults may be helpful as well!!
    I hope this helps you with your research! And would love to see more about this topic!!

  3. Hi!

    This is such an awesome inquiry question and I oftten think about it a lot since I do play sports myself. I believe that you would maybe consider trying to elaborate on your question more, by maybe explaining, “How can competitive sports affect adolescentscents mental health poorly?”

    I think that would be a great way include more details in your future inquiry posts about this specific questions. Overall, you have a great question and good sub-questions. Good luck on you Inquiry project !

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