Blog post #1: Where should youth/adolescents invest their money?

My Inquiry question for this semester will be, “Where should youth/adolescents invest their money?”

I chose this question because there is no absolute right or wrong answer, just perception and“luck”. In addition, as our generation gains more access to information around the world, it’s the perfect time to utilize what we learn and experience in our financial state as our economy is progressing towards the majority of debt amongst those in their early adulthood.

Specifically, I am going to delve into three different types of investing pathways!-Investing programs are offered through your bank.-Personal investment in the stock market as well as other ways you can invest personally, for example, indexes, separate companies, bonds, etc.-Part-Time Jobs/personal businesses Teenagers can get money and how they can invest it into their jobs.

In conclusion, I am interested in this concept because recently I have switched jobs and with my change in jobs I had gotten new pay. All of which I wasn’t sure what to do with since I hadn’t really thought about whether I should start investing my money or not. In addition, when I did research on what I could do, the financial jargon took me even longer to understand. Therefore, I would like to create this research/guide to help students my age begin a road to financial literacy, without confusing jargon and concepts.

Thanks for reading!! – Sanam M.

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  1. Hi Sanam,

    This sounds like a super interesting topic that should be talked about more! I’ve definitely wondered about this lots of times myself. A book that might interest you and help you with research for this project is Girls Who Invest by Simran Kaur.

    I can’t wait to hear more about this!

  2. Hey Sanam,

    This is such a cool topic! While it is broad and can be taken from many aspects, it is also very relatable and helpful towards people our age. I also liked how you introduced the three areas you are going to delve into, they sound like they would give a well-rounded answer to your question.

    One area you can also touch on are the general trends of youth investment and popular examples of different investments for youths. You can discuss how they can impact youths’ lives in different ways. I think this will be able to provide some references on how certain investments work, and also give a comparison of how investments can affect youths differently based on their needs.

    Here are some links that might help:

    Good luck and I look forward to learning more from your blog posts!

  3. Hi Sanam,
    Your post caught my eye because the topic is very interesting and relevant to a lot of people on this website. A book that might help you with your research would be A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Gordon Malkie.
    – Amy

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