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For my inquiry question this term I decided to ask, “What impact does school have on its students’ mental health?” I feel that this is a very timely question especially because of the recent increase of mental health disorders in teens. This is a question of interest for me because I personally find that school can at times impact my mental health, and I know my friends struggle with school related stress at times too. With this inquiry project, I hope to learn more about the links between school and mental health as well as solutions for school related stress.  

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  1. Hi Aniela,

    I think your inquiry question is really interesting and is something we have all thought of at least once in our adolescence. It is super relevant and since you’re researching about mental health I believe that you can promote greater acceptance and understanding which will promote a better school environement for those whose mental health is being negatively impacted by school. That way, you can maybe ask a sub-question like: “How can we make schools a place where kids can improve their mental health.

    Here are some sources that may help you further into your research:

    Although this article does date back to 2020, there is a section on how easy exposure to technology may have played a role in the decrease of students mental health at school.

    A suggestion for a sub-question to your elaborate inquiry questio is: “How did online school during the pandemic impact children’s mental health?”

    The website below may be helpful for this suggestion and for you inquiry project as well.

    I wish you good luck on you research and am very exited to follow along with what you find out further into the project!


  2. Hi Aniela,
    This is an excellent first blog post! As you mentioned, there has been a significant increase in mental health illnesses among teenagers, particularly in high school. As school becomes more difficult, you begin to have less time with friends and family, for extracurricular activities, and for self-care. This can have a detrimental impact on your well-being, which is tough to overcome. I’m looking forward to reading future blog posts to learn more about how school stress affects us.

    Here’s A Link That Might Help You Learn More About How To Overcome School Related Stress:

    Mahdiya A.

  3. Hello, Aniela,
    Excellent blog post, your topic is undoubtedly fascinating, as I and my many other friends have always pondered this question. I’ve even made a google form to collect people’s ideas, half of which said that school helped them socialize and make friends, a fourth of them said that school made them depressed and doesn’t feel like doing anything, and a fourth of them said that school kind of helped their mental health in some way, but made their mental health worse in some other ways.
    Good luck, and I am looking forward to reading your future posts.\
    -Scott Lyu

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