Hello everyone,it seemed I have been quiet for long but I am now back and I am continuing with my research.

The reason as to why I have been silent is because I was able to do my grade 12 exam and passes very well and I joined the university.

I am working very hard on my topic and something good is cooking.I will update you soon once its ready.

Thank you


Gud bye✅

About denno

Hello everyone am Dennis Ngatia and this is my first year in butterfly effect.I am 17 years old and am in grade 11 now.I have been in butterfly effect for atleast one year now and it has helped me a lot.I would like to say that through butterfly effect I have been able yo learn many things and even people from outside our country and I appreciate that we usually talk with them very well.I dont think I have something that I have forgotten but if there is I will let you know.Bye.

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