Blog Post #1 – How does our mental health effect our physical health?

My Inquiry question this semester is, “How does our mental health affect our physical health?”  

I chose this question because I have noticed when some people are not doing well mentally (ex. they are stressed or anxious) so can see it in their body language and hear it in their voice. So, this inquiry question is a deeper reflection of what I have witnessed multiple times at school and in public. I want to know, how is mental health related to our physical health? Why do we see a change in people’s body language when they are stressed or anxious? How long does it take before our physical health is affected by our mental health? Can poor mental health result in physical diseases? 


Another reason I chose this inquiry question is because mental health has been talked about a lot more these past few years due to Covid, yet physical health and disease is more researched and more funded, so I want to find out how these associated topics are related and what the long-term effect of them is. I also want to research this because these roles have a significant and harmful impact on ourselves and our society than most people think. 

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  1. Hi Perla,

    I enjoyed reading your post! I love your inquiry topic because we all go through different mental health stages and physical health stages. I found a great link about how mental health affects our physical health.


    The author of this book believes that mental health is not talked about enough as our physical health as well. I hope this website benefits you in your future research!

  2. Hey Perla! I loved reading your blog post as I too enjoy learning about Mental Health and its connections to our world around us. This is a relatable topic for many as we tend to pay more attention to our physical health when both are equally important.
    I found this article that I think might be useful to you. It talks about your main question in a quick and easy to understand manner.

    Since both our projects branch off of the same main topic, I think helping each other through our research will benefit us both.
    Best of luck with your project! I can’t wait to read more about it.
    -Anannya Bala

  3. Hi Perla!

    I love your topic for this semester! It is especially important now more than ever that we take care of our mental health before it starts to affect our physical health. From past experiences, I definitely can relate to feeling run down physically after pushing myself to a breaking point mentally. I love how you added the personal touch of your own notices throughout school and public settings on how mental and physical health are connected. I noticed that you pointed out the more inclusion and acceptance of recognizing mental and physical health in these past few COVID-19 years. I think you’re topic is amazing for all of us to remember to reflect with ourselves especially when life gets a little to hectic. That two minutes collecting thoughts with yourself can really help with your mental well being. A few links that can help with your research are:


    This link can help your research because it relates to habits affecting mental and physical health. These habits can connect to school, sports, and daily tasks. For example, bad study habits won’t get you far in any of your classes when you aren’t setting yourself up for success. You can tell by body language when things don’t go the way you intended.

    – (,insomnia%2C%20restlessness%20and%20difficulty%20concentrating.)

    This link is helpful because it touches on what you can do for yourself when you’re in need of help to keep yourself physically and mentally strong.

    I hope these links help you with your research this semester!

    – Rhea :))

  4. Hi Perla! I am absolutely fascinated with your inquiry question and I think it is something that should be touched on more. I love that you talked about the fact that mental health has been a big topic following the pandemic.
    Below are some helpful resources that I found online.

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