Blog Post #1: How is mental health spoken about in Pop Culture?

If you have read any of my blog posts before, you would know how passionate I am about Mental Health. Not only because of how much it affects those around me but also because of how interesting it is for me to learn about a topic like this. After researching about phobias last year, I knew I wanted to research on the same big topic but on a slightly different smaller question. Which is why I chose the inquiry question “How is mental health spoken about in pop culture”.  

From Villain to Hero: Reimagining the Role of Mental Health in Pop Culture | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental IllnessWhen I came across this major question, I started to think about how much Mental Health really does play a role in pop culture today. I found it interesting how different artists talked about it differently and how they all view this topic in a unique way. As a part of this major question, I would like to research how it affects different celebrities and how it might vary from how it affects us! If you find that interesting and are looking to research on mental health and its connections to pop culture, stick around! I am more than excited to have you here 🙂 

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  1. Hi Anannya,

    The question you have chosen is very interesting and is continuing to develop in our society! As different celebrities, influencers and public figures struggle with their own mental health issues, does this cause their followers and fans to perceive them differently? I do believe that society has advanced in their acceptance and care toward mental health issues. But I would love to find out where this acceptance falls short. A lot of TV shows and films often depict people with mental health problems as ‘psychopaths’ or violent. How does this affect how children grow to be comfortable to talk about their mental health? I think this would be interesting to include! I am excited to read your future insight and research.

    These sites might be helpful for u-

  2. Hey Anannya!

    I love the question you chose because I think it’s very relevant to our society today, and I also love learning about mental health as well! Since your topic is about mental health and pop culture, in your future blog posts you could also try talking about how technology has helped create the rise of mental health issues in teens? There’s been many studies that show evidence of this, and I think it could tie in to the pop culture theme of your topic. For example, celebrities opening up about their mental health has helped society be more accepting, and understanding about the topic. However, are there things in pop culture that are actually making mental health issues appear more frequently in people? I just think it could be interesting to talk about the positives and negatives. But I love your idea so far, and I’m excited to read your future posts!

    Here are some resources that I think could help a lot with your topic! Good luck (:,inspire%20people%20to%20seek%20help.


    • Hey Shaila!! Thank you so much for all your input.
      I 100% agree with what you said because I, myself feel the same way. I hadn’t thought of that before and now that you bring it up, I think it is such a big topic that could be researched in multiple ways! I will for sure be including the positives and negatives as there are many to both.

      Thank you for all the links to the websites as well!! I am sure they will come handy when researching my main question.

      I can’t wait to share my research with you and get your help through it as well!! <3

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