Blog #1: Story Project

So… This is my second brainstorm session. During my first one I stared at the screen for five minutes and came up with nothing since whatever I wrote seemed too religious and complicated. I’ve decided to write about a real event involving a real person, with the names in the story changed to protect her privacy (don’t worry, she gave me consent to write about this). The story is about a high-school aged girl named Miri who is locked out of her house since she forgot her keys inside and her mother was the one who locked the door. Miri walked back to her house and has to wait at least another hour and a half until her parents, who have similar working hours that day, come back. Not wanting to waste the time and be scolded, Miri tries multiple plans to get into her house, most of them ending unsuccessfully, and eventually manages to open her bedroom window from the outside and get her keys from the top of her desk. In the end, she learns not to be careless, and nobody but her knows what happened (until now).  

About amyzhang

Hi! My name is Amy Zhang of Charles Best Secondary School! I enjoy being out in nature and programming my robot.

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