Blog 1-How do Gender Roles and Discrimination Affect Our Society?

Hi everyone!

My inquiry question this semester will beHow do gender roles and discrimination affect our society?” 

I chose this question because it’s a continuation of my inquiry project of last year, which was about why we have gender roles/stereotypes. I learned a lot from it, but I felt like my research was not completed, and that this part of the question was missing. For example, I feel like I didn’t research enough what the impact of these roles are, and how much influence they have on us.  

I also want to research this because I believe that these roles have a much more significant and harmful impact on our society than most people think. For example, it affects our social media, how we treat/think of each other, how we dress, etc. Most of us don’t realize how much this influences our daily life. Researching about this question is important because it will bring more awareness to the issue.  


Sofia B.

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  1. Hi!

    Your Inquiry question is really interesting and I think it’s a great idea that you’re elaborating more on this question, since you already have an answer that can work as your base beffore you start researching and therefore you can further extend your research! I liked this inquiry question because of how much more gender roles have been talked about in our generation, which is amazing! I would also maybe consider adding how it not only effects mainly women, but men also.

    One website that I have found which I think may be helpful is this on here:

    I think this website might be helpful for you in the future since it digs deeper into the aspect of gender roles and inequality by stating the effects of it throughout different age groups (ex. adults, children) and also different cultures.

    I wish you good luck on your inquiry project and I cant wait to keep following your reaserch further.


  2. Hi Sofia i think its really cool how your continuing your project from last year to research even deeper this important topic. I think it would be interesting to research how different intersecting identities can impact gender roles and how this leads to different ways of discrimination in our society. I found this resource that could be helpful for your research
    I look forward to reading your future blogposts!

    • Hi Sammie,
      Thanks for the resource!
      I totally agree with you that having an intersectional approach to this kind of research is essential. Everyone experiences discrimination and is affected by gender roles differently. It’s very interesting to learn about how race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, etc. impact gender discrimination and gender roles.

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