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My 3 most important values are reliability, personal growth and opportunity. 

My least 3 important values were community, power and tradition.

I somewhat agree with these results. I believe my most significant values were correct because I believe it is crucial to be able to rely on and be relied on by others. Also, I’m always striving to be a better version of myself in order to develop my talents and maintain my mental health. Nowadays, I constantly strive to seize the opportunities that come my way, since you miss 99 percent of the shots you don’t take. Two of the three values I listed as the least significant are correct. This is because I believe that belonging to a community is important because it allows you to support and strive with others. However, I do not place a high value on power since I believe that everyone should be free to do anything they want as long as it does not harm themselves or others. Tradition isn’t as important as well because sometimes you have to let go of old ways to find better ways of doing things. I thought the statements were good generally, but I felt like some of them were too similar, which could contradict people’s perceptions. For example, I believe that family, friendship, and community should not be separated because they all emphasize the importance of human ties. Respect, loyalty, and money are other qualities that could be included. To me, reliability means being there for people through thick and thin. Opportunities symbolize paths to success for me and personal growth refers to be better than you were yesterday. Every night, I use the value of personal growth because I take time out of my day to eat a decent meal, do skin care, read, journal, stretch, and pray. The result is restoring my mental health after a long day.  Another instance is when I decided to pursue the opportunity of boxing, which is now one of my favourite sports.  

Value: Reliability 

Future Situation: A friend struggling to balance the homework load 

Action: Be at their side to answer any questions and assist them in creating a schedule

Value: Opportunity 

Future Situation: Scared to pursue an opportunity because I might fail 

Action: Recognizing that if I fail, I will learn a valuable lesson that will help me perform better the next time 

After analyzing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, I feel like the quality education goal aligns the most with my values because it gives kids the opportunity to learn new things, and that can lead to personal growth and reliable connections between peers who are part of the community. My passion is the exact same one because I believe each kid deserves to have access to an education system because knowledge is power, and you shouldn’t stop learning. Two possible actions I might like to start are either going to my old middle school once a while and helping my previous teacher around the classroom if needed or tutoring young kids over the weekend with subjects they struggle in. I would enjoy doing one of these action projects because it means I’m impacting someone’s life in a positive way.

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