About me- Alex

Hi, my name is Alexandra Chausse but I go by Alex. I live in Coquitlam BC, I am 14, and a grade 9 at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School, 1 thing that might surprise people is my interest in music, I am a die hard Beatles fan. I started to listen to older music last year and fell in love with the Beatles, the first song I  listened to was  “I Will” short but sweet song.

The Beatles' iconic Abbey Road cover completes 50 years | Lifestyle News,The  Indian Express


if I could solve any global problem it would be Crohn’s disease. My reasoning is I was diagnosed with it in late 2020-2021. I don’t want anybody to go through the same thing I did because it is the most depressing thing I have ever been through and there is currently no cure for it, so i would love to be apart of that process if I ever get the chance to.

If I could have any job right now I would want to be a pediatric nurse because with my experience with hospitals, nurses and doctors. I got educated and fell in love with medicine and helping people.



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