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My name is Sarah Kim and I am 15 years old. I go to Dr Charles Best and I live in Coquitlam, BC. My favorite subjects are English and French.

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I am Korean but I was born in Ottawa. I love eating tteokbokki, kimbap, dakgalbi, bulgogi, Korean popsicles and rice cakes. One of the important traditions is we bow to show a sign of gratitude and respect to the person we meet. Also, we show a lot of respect to older people. For example, older people are supposed to sit down first at the dinner table. One thing that might surprise others is I love dancing, baking and playing basketball. I also really enjoy playing the piano and the flute. I decided to join Butterfly because my friends who did this last year said that they got the freedom of researching their passion project. I expect to learn a lot about different topics that interest me like, piano, music, and sleeping. My strongest trait is that I am very adventurous. I love travelling, exploring new places, trying new food, and discovering new hobbies. One of my gifts is that I am inclusive because I try to include others as much as possible.

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Community means a safe place where you can share ideas and listen to other ideas. Most importantly, the ideas will be heard and accepted. In my community, I do a lot of volunteering like helping with children’s camps, supporting local art galleries and tutoring grades 1-6 in French. A global community is a huge place where you can share, research, listen to many ideas and learn from them. If I could solve any local or global problem, it would be that everyone has something to eat and drink. This is because we need food and water to live and be healthy. If I could have any job right now it would be an actress. I would love to be famous, get all dolled up and act as a new character. Next, I bake pastries during my free time. I usually watch Netflix to relax. The perfect best friend looks like one who is patient, understanding, respectful, thoughtful, and selfless. One of my heroes is Terry Fox because he fought against cancer until he died. He could’ve healed in the hospital, but he sacrificed his life for fighting against cancer. I would like to be the best player in the worst team because it will make me look good compared to my peers. It would make me look like the best player.

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I am most interested in the Inquiry Project because I would love to research a big question based on my passions.

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