Martina Ruskova- About me

Hi, my name is Martina Ruskova and I am 17 and a senior at Dr. Charles Best Secondary in French emersion. My favourite subject in school is English because I am good at expression on different subjects. I was really interested in this course which is why I am taking it because I am enthusiastic to learn more about different communities.

The people close to me know that my strongest trait is I am adaptable, I make things work even when these circumstances change. This is something that helps me a lot throughout life and school especially. This helps those around me as well because if there is an issue I can adapt and help. In the future, I want to study criminology and learn about the justice system. Outside of school, I love exploring new things with my family and friends. I love going on walks, traveling to new cities and seeing new things. Music is an important part of my life, i love to go record shopping, going to concerts and I’m always listening to music. This gets me away from the fast-paced everyday life and encourages me to enjoy the little things outside of my everyday routines. In the course this year, I am doing an action project which I am looking forward to researching more about soon! Thank you for reading about me.

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