About Me – Victor

Hello everyone! My name is Victor and this is my fourth year in Social Responsibility. I am a senior at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School, live in Coquitlam, and my favourite school subject is Math. My gift is definitely breaking down barriers with people after first meeting them. I can easily get to know someone and find common ground, interests and opinions with almost anyone. In conjunction with that, my strongest and most visible trait is that I talk a lot. If I’m completely honest, I probably talk too much, but at least you can’t say that I don’t speak my mind. Whether it’s me arguing with someone, voicing my agreement or just ranting about the most random things, my mouth is most likely open. Social Responsibility appealed to me because I enjoy promoting education; being able to contribute to the education of a Kenyan student is a very fulfilling experience.

I can’t wait to see you all next meeting!

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