About me – Sammie Lycon

Hi everyone, my name is Sammie and I am a 14-year-old grade 10 student at Dr. Charles best secondary school in Canada. I am in the French immersion, and this is my second year in this class. My favorite subject at school is social studies as I enjoy learning about history and having discussions about all things socials with my peers. 

What brought you to Butterfly and where do you expect it to take you? I heard about this class just through reading about what electives were available at my school and I really liked the idea of being able to research about whatever I want and really learn in depth about subjects I would otherwise not have known much about. I also really liked the aspect of being able to connect and help raise money for various students around the world. I expect butterfly effect to further my knowledge of how access to education can help communities prosper, and the importance of connecting with people around the world and seeing their perspectives.  

What is your passion? I believe that one of my passions is music. I am constantly listening to music and learning about it, weather that be practicing my instruments and learning theory or about music history/random facts. Over the years I have played a few different instruments but have always stuck with the cello and piano as they are my favorites. Some of my favorite genres include shoegaze, garage rock, brit pop, art pop, permanent wave, alternative rock, and a bit of rap / hip-hop. Some of my favorite artists include the Strokes, Fiona apple, Elliott smith, Blur, Radiohead, neutral milk hotel, pink Floyd, Sonic youth, Bjork, Lauryn hill, and Kanye west to name a few.  

If I could solve any local or global problem, what would it be? And why? I think If I could solve any local or global problem, I would stop the mass incarceration of marginalized communities as it is something that I think is both a local and global problem that I am deeply passionate about it. Last year during semester two I had done my inquiry project about how the prison industrial complex affects marginalized groups, going into this project I had known a bit but after completing this project it really opened my eyes to how prevalent it is not only around the world but also locally. 

The prong of butterfly effect that I am most interested in is inquiry as I love learning about new things. 

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