About Me: Rhea Khakh

Hi everyone my name is Rhea! I am in Grade 9 at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School. A few things you should know about me is that I love to play sports, help out in my community, bake, listen to music, and take photos. This year I am playing U15 Female ice hockey with the Tri-Cities Predators. I am also playing field hockey for Charles Best, and doing the Centennial Hockey Academy. Additional things to know about me are: my favourite artist is Taylor Swift, and my favourite show is definitely Gilmore Girls!

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The album folkore by Taylor Swift, is definetly my favourite.
Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite shows because it is so relatable and comforting!

One of my passions is baking. Some of my favourite things to bake are cookies, muffins, and fruit crumbles. One reason I like to bake is because its something that helps me relieve stress and tension after a long day, or tough week. I started baking when I was in Grade 3 and have fell in love with it ever since. I find it so fascinating that you can make something so delicious out of simple ingredients…most of the time. Another reason why I love to bake is because I can share it with friends and family. Seeing the smile on peoples faces when you give them something you created is one of the best feelings!

One thing about me that you might not know, is that I played boys hockey for three years. When I was in Grade 5 I moved to BWC (Burnaby Winter Club) and played there until Grade 7. One of my favourite things about playing there was going to San Diego and Las Vegas for travel tournaments. I remember how fun it was to play the sport I loved with my friends, while feeling so much joy at the same time. I am forever thankful for the time I got to play there.

Lastly, I wanted to join Butterfly Effect because I love learning about the world, and the issues that are facing us. I hope that with my Inquiry project, I can positively impact others and spread more awareness about our world problems. I cant wait to start Butterfly!

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