About Me!

Hello everyone! My name is Negar, and I am currently attending Dr. Charles Best Secondary, and am currently in grade 11! I took Social Responsibility last year, and I had a great time being able to research about question I personally had, and to even find out methods and ways I can improve my life as a student, which is why I decided to take this course once again! This semester I hope to have a closer relationship with my mind, and the mind of animals. While of course being able to learn about all kinds of different cultures, and information from the class itself all throughout the year.

In my free time (if I actually manage to find some🥲) I either bother my cat for obvious reasons (hes the cutest). In addition, Itend to do a thing I am actively doing while multi-tasking, and that is listening to music. I am that type of person that always have headphones on, and I do this because it keeps my subconscious mind busy, and I have found that it keeps me more productive. Music also relaxes my thoughts and I enjoy finding new songs, and artist to listen to! My all time favourite artist is the Weeknd, and I was lucky enough to attend his concert this year! (Best experience to ever have)

One of my biggest goals/passion is to be able to be independent enough that I can support myself. While the help of my peers, and my family is the best type of help I have, as I become older, I want to be able to figure/solve problems/dilemmas that I have myself, in order to create a stronger and better mindset for myself to be able to be independent in the future, and to give those who always help me a break! 😅

I thank all of you who read through this! I hope to be doing an inquiry question for this semester, and I hope that you all will be there to follow along my research and why I decided to pick the topic I did! (aka my cute cat 🐈 ).


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