All About Me- Itzel Curiel

Hey, my name is Itzel Curiel. I’m 17 years old and I am a senior at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School in french immersion.
I took this course last year and enjoyed it greatly. This year I’m excited to be in this course again because I find that it’s a great way to discover new things on my own and build more independence as a student. My favorite subject in school is gym. Although it’s not really considered a subject, I really enjoy the class because essentially, we get to play games with friends and classmates.

As most people who know me well would say, my strongest trait is my honesty. I find no reason to sugar coat things or only tell others what they want to hear. I’m always honest and truthful to others and it’s something many people like about me. Another trait would be my ability to stay organized well. I like to plan out things beforehand and try not to leave anything last minute. One of my passion’s is to help people. In the future I want to be a nurse and ensure that I can help my patients in anyway that they need it.

In my free time I love spending time with friends, family, pets and my boyfriend. I enjoy going shopping, working out, and eating brunch or going to dinner. I especially love taking my cat Kiko on walks, cuddling with him or just playing with him. To relax I enjoy listening to music such as R&B and rap as well as listening to podcasts. Not only can their either help me relax, but depending what I listen to it can also motivate me.

This year I am looking forward to doing an inquiry project. I’m not sure what my topic will be yet, but I will find one soon. Thank you for taking the time to learning about me!

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