About Me-Mahdiya Adnan

Hey everyone! My name is Mahdiya Adnan and I am in grade 10. I attend Dr. Charles Best Secondary School, and this is my second year in Social Responsibility. I can’t wait to learn new things, play a part in helping our community, and make new friends this year. 

Basketball is one of my passions. This year, I plan to try out for both the school and a club team. I am currently enrolled in a basketball fitness class at my school, which is assisting me in becoming a better player. Furthermore, Kyrie Irving is my top basketball player, and I consider him to be my hero. Additionally, if I could have any job right now, I would like to be a WNBA player or the general manager of an NBA sports team because basketball is my favourite sport.  

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A lot of people are surprised to learn that I am a boxer. I joined boxing because it is a great method to cope with emotions, it teaches you how to defend yourself, and it allows you to meet new people. Moreover, anytime I’m stressed using the punching bag before practice helps me relax. Also, I can typically give the coach music recommendations which helps me get into the right mentality before training. 

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My strongest trait is loyalty. I believe that the most important quality to search for in a person is loyalty. You should only surround yourself with individuals who will be there for you when you are at your lowest and will speak up for you and defend your name when you are not around. So, personally, I would like my best friend to be loyal as well so that I can count on them whenever needed. Another quality I possess is determination because no matter how difficult things get, I always try to continue since you never know how much you are capable of doing unless you don’t give up. 

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This year I am going to be doing another action project and I can’t wait to show you guys what I accomplish this semester. Thanks for reading!

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