All About Me – Jade Zhu

Hello everyone! My name is Jade, and I am a grade 12 student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School. I also took Social Responsibility last year – I had a great time researching for my inquiry projects, doing fundraisers, and communicating with other students taking this course. This year, I hope to do an action project if my time allows me to, and of course, I look forward to learning more in this class, expanding my vision of the world, and learn how to better make a different in the community.

One hobby of mine is Ballet. I’ve been doing ballet since I was 6, so until now it has been 11 years! I am still dancing this year, but the difference between this year and previous years is that I am no longer doing it competitively. This means that I have less dancing hours every week. With this new schedule, I hope to a long-term job, focus more on preparing for university, have more time outside of school for other activities I would like to do, etc. I would also love to more volunteering. This way, I hope to gain more experience and and contribute to the community. Although I have been dancing for a long time, I will not be pursuing it as my career in the future. I hope to go into the medical field – hopefully a specialist. I have not yet decided what exactly I would like to study, but I still have some time to research and develop a plan for the future.

In my free time I like to hangout with my friends and family, spend time by myself, and take pictures when it is nice outside. Recently, I have been wanting to read more. Growing up, I have never loved to read – I do occasionally, but that is only when I find a book I like. But now, I have really realized the benefits of reading. I feel that reading allows one to expand their horizons, be able to view different situations and life in different perspectives, and obtain more knowledge in their head. I hope that through reading more, I will also be able to enjoy more types of books, and have it become a hobby rather than just reading for its benefits.

Overall, I look forward to meeting returning students and new students this year in this course! Thanks for reading:)

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