About Me – Shaila Sharma

Hello everyone!

My name is Shaila Sharma. I am in Grade 11, and I go to Charles Best Secondary. This is my second year in Social Responsibility, and I’m looking forward to meeting new, and returning students! A few things to know about me are that I am 16 years old, I’m Fijian and Indian, I love to read, I love music, and I have a dog named Hazel!

Some of my other hobbies include playing basketball, playing the piano and guitar, and building legos, but my top 2 passions will always be reading, and listening to music. I love how books can be an escape from reality, and you can learn so much from them, and I love how music can connect so many different people, and can mean different things to all of us. My favourite books are The Perks of being a Wallflower, and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, and my favourite band is called Linkin Park.

If I could have any job right now, I’d love to work at a bookstore so I could share my love of reading with others, and be surrounded by books all day, or an old record store, because I love music stores, and I find that you can meet very interesting people by working at one.

I’m taking this course again because I loved learning about things I was interested in last year, and I’m very excited to meet more people!

Thank you for reading!

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