Blog #7

The inquiry question I researched was: What is stress?

I faced some challenges finding different information about each question I answered. Many resources had the same information. I overcame these challenges by going through many different sources to find some info that differed. This inquiry question helped me change the way I think as I found many more solutions to stress. I was able to think that there is always a source of help. This investigation impacts my future decisions as I now know not to make decisions that stress me out. In the future, I will decide on making choices most beneficial for me. If there was a social event I would try to have a close friend come with me as this would reduce my stress. I have many friends who have problems and stress. With my investigation, I can share my knowledge with them. People who have read my research would also know how to reduce stress. This investigation may help people get some weight off their shoulders with some techniques I have posted.

Thank you for reading.


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