Blog Post #7 Reflection

My question was “What impact did Napoleon have in our world”. During the time I was researching for details and proof of my guesses, I discovered many bright and dark sides of Napoleon, although his positive impact was great, his negative impact on our world was huge, too. And when it comes to blog post 5, I realized that some of my plans had resulted in similar answers to one another. I was running out of ideas about what I should do for blog post 5, and that is when I realized that all I had been talking about is the influence of the Napoleonic Code, the results of the Napoleonic Wars, and I had never gone into much detail into researching what is the reasons behind all the wars, and the newly established law. So I spend time digging into the real reasons. Doing this inquiry question, it had made me realize, that no matter how great you are, how unearthly you are if you let the power-hungry ideas get the best of you, it could ruin your whole life’s achievement in just a few harsh decisions. Doing this inquiry question had changed my mindset about a lot of things, starting now, I would focus more on myself but not get too drunk on how great I am, there is always room to improve; even when you are already the best, you can still beat your past self. I shall not make harsh decisions and think far about what are the consequences that decision would cause me. This investigation would help other people or students to be more modest, and never be full of themselves!

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