Blog 7: Reflection

My topic was: The relationship between social anxiety and suicide. 

While researching my topic, I found that a lot of the resources were repetitive and either really in-depth or had little to no scientific backing to it. But after reading multiple journals and articles on the same material, I found it easier to understand and I’ve started to grasp the gist of my topic and can put it in my own words well enough that people would understand my topic. Another difficulty was making the topic easier to understand, as it is a topic that could be quite complex. I think after doing lots of research, i was able to make it easier so that everyone would understand it better, as i do wish that more people would pay attention to how social anxiety can be detrimental to our mental health. This inquiry has helped me understand how and why social anxiety happens in teens and how COVID played a part in it. I now know why lots of times social anxiety can lead to suicidal tendencies and even attempts, which a lot is based on the depression caused by loneliness. I want to try my best to help others with issues regarding socializing or just help people who seem to be nervous in a group setting, and just be nice to everyone in general. I hope that my research can help everyone that’s reading here and help those who are experiencing this mental illness in their local community, I know I would also do so on my own. Globally, I hope that my research can reach other platforms and help more people around the globe, breaking this toxic cycle.

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