Blog #7 – Reflection

Just to reshresh everyones mind, for the last few months, i have been researching the best methods and best ways of studying, because we are in school for such a long time, if we do not have a good study habit, it will become much harder to “survive” your school life.

During the last few months, I would say that the most difficult part of this inquiry project would be finding the information, and trying it our for myself, just because as someone who does not have the best relationship with studying, I found it hard to want to change my ways of studying to try out the new methods, to get the best results, and the most realistic results to share with other, but it made me very picky just because stuyding is already hard for me, to have to do other kind of it made it tiring for me to do, but it made it worth it because i got results that others could “relate” too.

The inquiry question of what study method is the best for me, made me realise that once someone has a habit of a method in general, it is very hard to change that habit, and/or try a new way because when that habit works for you, why would you try and change it. That is what this inquiry made me realise.

This investigation impacted me positively because it made me personally realise which study habits i need to stay away from, and which study habits work best for me. It made me think about which type of studying is effective, and which is just aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.

I think both locally and globally, this investigation will make people think about what studying method actully helps them study, because for about 12/13 years people are attending school, and even more if those indivisuals decide to study post-secondary, so having a stable way of thinking, and a stable stuyding habit will help your school life go by much easier, thought the stress will never really go away, the difficult-ness of being able to comperhend topics wil become much easier then one expects.

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  1. hey negar! following your research really helped me and i too found some of your habits helped me. i find it fascinating that you used yourself as a tool to know if what you researched worked out. great job and i hope to read more from you in the future!

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