Action Blog Post # 7 Pt.2

1. Address the following questions:
a. What challenges did you overcome throughout this action project? How did you go about overcoming these challenges?

During our action project, my partner and I faced a number of obstacles. One of the challenges was actually identifying a large number of people in downtown POCO to give care packages to because there were less than we expected. We overcome this by looking in multiple places and keeping what we had left over for another time. Another challenge was determining how to make the care packages because we were initially unsure of what products to include and how many to produce. We overcome this by reading Kristi’s blog posts and researching what we should include from online. Another difficulty was traveling to downtown POCO without an adult because it was our first time without our expert Kristi and we were nervous. We overcome this by remembering Kristi’s tips and methods, as well as keeping an eye out for red flags. 

b. How did this action change the way you think?

This action project altered my thinking in numerous ways. For example, I learned that you don’t necessarily have to give anything to someone to provide value; you can also brighten their day by smiling and having a conversation with them. Furthermore, I discovered that we can all learn something from each other, regardless of our status. Different people have different experiences which lead to different lessons that they can teach. I also realized that I should be grateful for what I have because my terrible days could be someone else’s good days. People nowadays are so consumed with their life that they forget to be thankful for all of their blessings.

c. How did this investigation/action impact your future decisions?

This investigation had a positive impact on my future decisions. My partner and I have come up with a technique to help the homeless on a regular basis without having to go to specific locations to hand out care packages. We’ve decided to keep healthy snacks, small treats, and water bottle packs in our cars in case we come across someone in need on the side of the road with a sign while driving. This way, we can assist as many people as we can on any given day or time. Also, when I’m in a store, there are always charity boxes where you can donate to various causes, so whenever I have change on me, I will make sure to throw it in since any little thing could help.

d. What impact will this investigation/action have on others locally and/or globally?

This action project has played a significant part in helping many struggling local civilians. I honestly believe that my partner and I played a role in sharing other people’s stories and uplifting their day. As they say, “a little goes a long way,” and this is only the beginning of our personal action project, which we will continue throughout the summer. We will also have an impact on anyone who reads our blog posts because they will discover more effective ways to help the homeless. 

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