Blog #7: Reflection

There was one main challenge throughout this inquiry project for me. Possibly due to the planning of my three parts for my question, I found myself doing research that was giving me the same information. I really had to browse online, try to reword my questions, and think from different perspectives to dig the most information I have for all three parts. Researching was the hardest for part three as the information I found for part one and two were well-rounded. Although I did obtain some important information, there was not enough. In the end, I incorporated some of my opinions I developed through researching and explained them, as I feel others may find this helpful.

While I believe I have always been relatively positive, this project has taught me how our minds actually work, and how to stay in the right mindset. From only having a sense of how the way we think may control our emotions, I now have a deep understanding of how it works. While currently, I don’t necessarily think there are any great changes for the way I think and deal with issues, there definitely will be in the future. For instance, when I come across a major difficulty in my life, I will know about mindfulness and how it can control our emotions. Rather than getting caught up in negative thinking cycles or emotions like feeling extremely stressed, I will be able to use the information I know to help maneuver myself through.

I don’t think this investigation has any impacts globally, as I have not been promoting this information to the others outside of my area. However, I definitely have made a small impact to some others around me. For instance, anyone who has read my blog post has learned something about mindfulness. I have also talked to my parents and some of my friends about this topic and educated them about it. If any of them found themselves interested in this topic, they may have done some more research and possibly share the information to the people around them. While the impact may not be big, I think this is a good start. In the future, if I see anyone struggling in issues with their emotions and getting caught in negative thinking cycles, I can also use my knowledge to help them.

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  1. hey jade! i find that many people who had similar topics this semester had to overcome the same challenge. mine too was based on the same lines. thank you for sharing because it made us feel like we werent alone! i hope to read more from you in the future 🙂

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