Action Blog post #7

1. Throughout this project I overcame many challenges but the main one was definitely training my previously wild lease horse Murphy. He is known to be very stubborn because of past abuse after he was rounded up as a foal in Pemberton. I fallen off many times due to bucking and him misbehaving so that was definitely the hardest challenge, of course among training the other rescue horses.
2. This project changed the way I think about training horses because before I was under the mentality that you need to ride them to gentle them but Murphy taught me that you don’t some days it’s better to just spend time with your horse instead of riding them when they don’t want to.

3. This impacted my future decisions because now I know I definitely want to train rescue horses as a career possibly in the future.

4. Locally this project impacted the rescue ranch I work for because I helped train a lot of their horses to be adopted which was helpful I imagine, also through this I hope I somewhat change peoples minds on rescue horses.

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  1. Hey Stella! I have been following your blog posts for a while now, and it has been so cool to watch the project grow. Not only that, but also learning about your horse, Murphy, has been so cool, and the fact that you have been training a horse from the wild. I think it is awesome that this project has made you so sure about wanting to have a career with horses. That is great that you have been able to work for a shelter to help out the animals that need it. Personally, I love horses, and the fact that you not only get to work with them but also get to help them is so great! Good luck with the rescue in the future.

  2. Hi Stella,

    I really like the way you followed your passion with this project! I had commented on a previous post before and saw how your struggles were overcome. I’m glad that this has sparked an interest for you! I’m excited to see what you accomplish in the future!

    Shieva Mokhtarnameh

  3. Hello Stella. I find your patience in dealing with Murphy incredibly inspiring. Knowing how difficult it is to work with troubled animals myself, having worked with an animal shelter, I applaud your perseverance; the long-lasting emotional scars and mental effects caused by abuse are horrible to see. Your goal of wanting to train rescue horses is also very selfless and admirable, and I hope you end up being able to fulfill that dream in the future. Great post!

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